Songs For One Another

by Your Yellow Dress

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Before Your Yellow Dress there was The Paper Orchestra, the exuberant young folk pop collective from Mission Viejo. Carrie and I (Alex) formed Your Yellow Dress as an alternative to the songs we had been playing with The Paper Orchestra. We did intimate duets and peppy covers with a nod back to tin pan alley and the pop music of yesteryear. While I had been trying to do music solo as Alexander and the Growing Mind, Carrie’s contribution to live shows and her budding musical talent led us to forming a band in the throes of our high school romance.

There was one live recording of us as A&tGM, which is basically just early YYD (as evidenced by the name confusion at That was recorded at my friend Stephen’s birthday show, where he played a show as his side project Humble Hops (which at the time also involved a female partner, but not romantically linked, Jackie. Me and my brother Ryan also played/sang with him). For our 1 year anniversary, Carrie recorded me a song at the end of a mixtape she made on a cassette tape titled “Winter”. The song moved me and it inspired me to write a song for her in return, “Your Song (Carrie!)”, but I waited to show it to her.

Near the holidays, it dawned on me that I needed a christmas present for Carrie. I put our songs together and made a some simple cover art out of a picture of us (from the summer of 2007 at one of the many park shows we organized with our friends). This was uploaded to Cllct, which at that time was called the 001 Collective and operated via torrent (which also contained the album artwork).

Here is the songs and artwork contained in that original torrent if you don't want to pay, the first single by Your Yellow Dress entitled Songs For One Another: http://www.mediafire[dot]com/?d1odgzi7g744xp0

1. Winter (Tape Rip)
-recored by Carrie on a tape recorder in november of 2007 with a ukulele.

2. Your Song (Carrie!)
-recorded by Alex in December of 2007 with a baritone ukulele, kick drum, bells and tambourine. This whole song is slightly out of tune but all relative to the baritone ukulele.


released January 8, 2008

Alex Poska: baritone ukulele, kick drum, tambourine, vocals, recording, tape rip
Carrie Muller: soprano ukulele, vocals, songwriting on 1



all rights reserved
Track Name: Winter (Tape Rip)
Love in the spring time is happy and gay,
but I like the coziness of a cold winter's day.
Holding my baby so close to me,
ain't nobody nowhere as happy as we.

Love in the summer can get mighty steamy,
but winter was made for lazy kisses and dreaming.
Wrapped in a blanket hot chocolate for two,
we don't have a single thing that we gotta do.
Just laying around, as the world spins 'round us.

Autumn arrives, the world changes color.
We don't worry, no, cause we got each other.
Look outside at the pouring rain,
watching it trail down the window pane.

Love in the winter can seem cold and grey,
but alone by this fire we feel warm and ok.
We never worry if we get snowed in,
we'll stay together until spring comes again.

I said, love in the winter is jealous and warm,
I wish I could stay here all day in your arms.
You know that it's true, I love you.
Track Name: Your Song (Carrie!)
When I'm driving home, I'm listening to your song.
Gosh I'm so glad I have a tape deck.

When I'm on the computer, I listen to our shows.
I wish that you would sing louder. Cause I wanna hear you
when we practice our songs out in the park,
I love it when you sing like a diva.

and you have a voice that's like an angels,
and sometimes it reminds me of Feist, but I like yours better.

I wrote you a song, cause you wrote me one,
and it made me cry the night that I listened.
It was such a good song it made me wanna stop writing
all my crappy little songs.

But I know that you like them,
so I'll keep on writing them all day long.
I'm so glad that you help me,
I'm so happy you help me sing my songs

Sing: la la la, la la la, la la la
This is your song!